Summer Schedule

2024 Procedures and Guidelines for Participation in Summer Schedule

MassArt regularly offers a summer schedule to full-time employees who wish to work additional hours Monday through Thursday in order to be able to work a half-day on Fridays. 

To request a summer schedule, please first discuss with your supervisor to be certain that scheduling and coverage needs are understood and agreed upon and then submit a 2024 Summer Schedule Request Form

Guidelines for Participation include:

1. Monday, June 3 through Saturday, August 17, 2024
Please check with your supervisor for individual office hours. 

   2. Participating employees:

  • Must work their five-day-per-week schedule while extending work hours Monday –Thursday in order to work a half-day on Friday. 
  • Must work their core hours (37.5 or 40 not including lunch breaks). 
    • Example A – employee normally works 37.5 hours in 5 days per week, not including lunch breaks.  During the summer schedule, the same employee works 8.5 hours per day (not including lunch breaks) Monday through Thursday and 3.5 hours on Friday.
    • Example B – Employee normally works 40 hours 5 days per week, not including lunch breaks.  During the summer schedule, the same employee works 9.0 hours per day (not including lunch breaks) Monday through Thursday and 4.0 hours on Friday. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: May AFSCME employees use their two (2) fifteen-minute breaks towards their lunch breaks? 

A: Yes, but it should not be included in any unpaid time scheduled for a lunch break identified on the Temporary Summer Schedule Approval Form

Q: May someone who normally works 5 days per week change their schedule to work all of their hours in four days and take a fifth day off? 

A: No 

Q: May employees use vacation time or personal time on Fridays to cover the half a day they are scheduled to work. 

A: Yes, if their supervisors have approved the time-off in advance.

Q: What happens in weeks that include a holiday? 

A: This summer, there are two weeks that include holidays – 

  • Juneteenth Holiday is Wednesday, June 19 and will be observed on that date.
  • Independence Day is Thursday, July 4 and will be observed on that date.

Each holiday provides for 7.5 or 8.0 hours (for full-time employees) of holiday pay. To make sure all hours are accounted for, subtract the holiday hours received (7.5 or 8.0 hours for full-time employees) from your normal weekly scheduled hours. This will leave the number of hours needed to be worked or covered using vacation, personal or compensatory time. 

Holiday hours used on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday generally require employees to account for an hour or more to cover the scheduled hours for that day as most employees are  scheduled to work more than 7.5 hours (or 8 hours).

As individuals, offices, and departments work together to plan for time away over the summer, it is astounding how fast the new school year is upon us – late August and early September are very busy and exciting times at MassArt as we get ready to welcome new and returning students to campus.  Each Vice President and/or department of division lead will be working on a schedule that balances time away with getting ready for and working with our incoming students during orientation and move-in days. 

Please contact the Office of Human Resources with any questions at:  And if you are a supervisor, please share this directly with your staff and please post for any staff who may not have regular access to email. 

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